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Kontakt, Studio Drummer and Mixing with Native Instruments

If you have Studio Drummer, you obviously have Kontakt and probably Komplete. This helpful in-depth tutorial shares how to get the most out of all of them!

Quick Introduction to Kontakt

This helpful video tutorial provides a quick and easy to follow introduction to Kontakt, with a brief overview of the main features.

Latest Tutorials

The Latest Kontakt Tutorials

Use Zone Envelopes To Modulate Zone Parameters in Kontakt

Envelopes provide a flexible way to create adjustable and repeatable modulation patterns. They are typically generated and affect the Group level. Zone Envelopes on...

Route a Group To An Aux Channel Using The Gainer Module

Send Effects can route their output to Aux Channels instead of back into the Instrument. But with the Gainer Module, you can send the...

Using The Aux Channel To Add Reverb To An Instrument

In Kontakt, each Instrument routes its output to exactly one Output Channel. But you also send this signal to one or multiple Aux Channels...